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ε-Caprolactam, the main precursor of the synthetic fibber Nylon 6, is prepared from cyclohexanone oxime by treatment with a new salt as promoter. This procedure requires mild reaction conditions and affords excellent levels of conversion and selectivity to obtain pure ε-caprolactam. No reaction by-p[…]

Implementation of Wheel slip reset controllers in Brake systems with electromechanical brake actuators and a brake-by-wire system.[…]

This invention is based on the production of antimicrobial extracts with potential application against pathogenic microorganisms. The biotechnological production of antimicrobial metabolites was carried out using Lactobacillus plantarum strains. Two industrial wastes, whey, and wine distilled lees ([…]

UVIGO telecom engineers have developed a novel methodology to suppress the impulsive noise present in Long Term Evolution (LTE) cell phone systems. These systems that utilize multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) techniques are already used in fourth generation (4G) cell phones and are expected to u[…]

Power Line Communications (PLC) is an emerging field that enables to carry data on a conductor that is also used simultaneously for AC electric power transmission or electric power distribution to consumers. The widespread use of these technologies is however, compromised by the presence of impulsiv[…]

Nowadays, most of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the market contain chemically synthesized surfactants in its composition. In many cases, these surfactants are the same as those used in regular cleanup activities. In order to get more natural and biocompatible products, it would be inte[…]

Many industries, such as those belonging to the textile, wine, and paper industry, consume huge volumes of water and, as a result, generate a large amount of contaminated water containing persistent colour pollutant compounds. These compounds represent an environmental and health threat due to their[…]

Since ancient times granite has been used in historic buildings. Some restorers used to apply molten beeswax on their granite surfaces to stop imminent deterioration of the monuments. At first, this treatment was a good solution to consolidate the stone, but with time it resulted counterproductive. […]

UVIGO researchers have developed an accurate and reliable system for monitoring the durability of pantograph components preventing manual operator inspection. Based on artificial vision, this system measures the remaining thickness of the graphite layers of the collector strips. Automatic processing[…]

This sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) embryo cryopreservation procedure with attached bioassay has been specifically designed for sea urchin blastula (8 hour development embryo) conservation in liquid nitrogen to be used as out of reproductive season biological supply. This protocol has applicatio[…]

The method optimizes the expression assays of PSA-NCAM isoforms in biological samples available in small quantities or restricted (as is the case of human specimens, for example). It improves quantitative and qualitative performance of PSA-NCAM analysis by western blot.[…]

The removable system allows mounting on each profile separately, joining then in continuity with plates at the head of each of the flanges. The use of anti-buckling clamps prevents local buckling of the walls of the profiles, associated with tightening of flanges. Flanges have nerves to reduce stre[…]

This removable connection system can be adapted to the size of the section, by adjusting the length of the connecting bolts, using the same flanges. Is usable for a wide range of standard profiles, which avoids the need for a flange size for each profile section.[…]

The presented system allows detachable lateral connections, at right angles, type ‘cross beam to column flange’ of I and H standard profiles made of steel. The system uses standard mounting clamps without previous specific machining operations (as may be welding or drilling).[…]

The pyridazine ring is a privileged fragment found in compounds with very different pharmacological properties, such as antihypertensive, antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, antidepressant, hypoglycemic, antiinfective or anticancer agents, many of them being pyridazin-3(2H)-one derivat[…]

The main novelty of the device and procedure is the new portable sensor adaptable to virtually any surface. The device, fixable by vacuum to the surface under study, makes possible the measurement of the electrochemical interfacial impedance, that is the main parameter of interest for adherence qual[…]

This is the first time that surfactants-based aqueous phase segregation has been proposed for the remediation of aromatic organic pollutants. Up to know, biological degradation was used alone or in combination with other physical and chemical methods (e.g. volatilization, sorption, electrokinetic, o[…]

The main motivation for using reset control is the overcoming of fundamental limitations or trade-offs of conventional controllers: with the conventional controllers if we want a fast braking response, the system is fragile and sensitive to uncertainties; and if we want a robust system, this requir[…]

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